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Burning Man Hippies Love Lime Sorbet With Jasmine and Violet

By L.J. Williamson 

Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 9:00 AM



If you've been going to Burning Man and subsisting on Gatorade and Clif bars, you've been doing it all wrong.


Held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, since 1990, Burning Man began as a ragtag assembly of a few hundred artists, miscreants, hippies and pyromaniacs who set out to create an "experiment in temporary community" in the desert -- or just to have a good time and set a few things on fire.


Next door at Black Rock Bakery, Chef Dave Weidman, who supplied cheesecakes to the now-defunct Netty's Restaurant in Silver Lake and Il Sole on Sunset, is making lime sorbet with jasmine tea and violet essence, and Turkish coffee and bananas Foster ice creams for a few stunned and lucky Burners. It's the element of surprise that makes the experience all the more magical -- few event newbies expect to be handed an ice cream in the middle of the desert, and even fewer expect that ice cream to be white chocolate blueberry, but Chef Dave makes it happen. 




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