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Gloria Ohland

Los Angeles Weekly

September 22 - 28, 1989



Best Cheesy Works of Art

From the Best Takeout in Town




I don't even really like cheesecake -- what a weird idea mixing sugar

and cheese -- but David Weidman's cheesecake stands apart from the genre.


It isn't even made with ordinary cream cheese because David prefers to use a subtler blend. Which also makes for extraordinary texture -- it's lusciously creamy, seemingly always on the verge of melting. As David’s a complex fellow, so are his flavors: lemon/poppy seed, white chocolate with raspberry or macadamia nut, cappuccino with Belgian bittersweet or French milk chocolate, pistachio, cinnamon apple with vanilla bean, sourcream (it's lighter, more like an egg custard), banana/chocolate, marble,



For the aesthete, white chocolate with rose water; for the traditionalist plain with a touch of vanilla bean. Then there's the issue of its appearance:not content to rest on his laurels, David turns his cakes into works of art, grinding poppy seeds and lemon peel with sugar to construct a harlequin pattern on the lemon poppy seed cake, for example, and on the marble pretending he's Jackson Pollock with splatters of while and dark chocolate.


His cakes are available at this city's finest takeout venue: Netty's, where you can get Cajun and Salvadoran specialties (like Drunken Shrimp in beer butter, or toasted pasilla peppers with shrimp, corn, leeks and feta cheese) in addition to other more ordinary, but no less succulent, fare.David Weidman's cheesecake at Netty's, 1700 Silverlake Blvd call (213) 662-8655 for the daily dish.


Since this article was written - sadly - Netty's has closed. But - if tou have any suggestions, questions or an upcoming event - you can contact Dave by email or phone.

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