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4. Marketing Strategy:


The marketing strategy for my business will focus on:

  • eblasts to the markets identified in Section 3. A listing of the email addresses of these potential clients was found using the ReferenceUSA  database. 


      The eblast will talk about my product ingredients and flavors as well as availability and pricing. The eblast will show            photos of my Products - see "Menu and Prices" on the website. It will have a link to a video of me showing and talking about the              quality and uniqueness of the product. The eblast will also tell the potential customer I am available to come out with samples if              they reply or call me and make an appointment.. At that point - before I meet with them - I will explain that I would like to set up an          account and make regular deliveries to their business.


      This would be for hair salons, the movie/TV and music oriented businesses. Also I would set up account with                 caterers wedding and planners explaining my product and bring it to them as they need it.


  •  I will have an event schedule for tastings. This will be for 20 people or one for bloggers. At the tastings there will be a video of me making cheesecakes and explaining the process and ingredients to them.


  •  The marketing will also include TV and radio interviews.  I will play up the uniqueness of my products and how it’s different from the competition based on quality and the unusual flavors. I will also talk about my so-called learning disabilities. As a person with disabilities who owns their own business I am sure that I will be able to use this to my advantage.


  •  Articles in newspapers and magazines.  I will also involve myself in these areas as I know quite a few people in the magazine and newspaper business. I have already been written up in several newspapers and will include these articles on my website. Evan Kleiman as well as the LA Weekly and Savoir magazine have already interviewed me. In 1989 I was voted the best cheesecake in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly also have been interviewed by “Hurricane” Linda Gassenheimer who wrote about me making ice cream sorbets and cheesecakes at the Burning Man Festival I will use all of this to my advantage since I will always bring samples on TV or radio.


  • Also I will be attending higher end Farmers Markets and selling my products. I will offer free slices of my mini cheese cakes but the main idea is for them to take some home so they will be packaged by the dozen to go. I will emphasize dinner party events as well as weddings. For these events they might order a hundred or more.

      The idea is to get people to buy a quantity of my products. Eventually, I will introduce new products such as vanilla       truffle cookies.





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