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3. Market Analysis:


The Product I intend to sell is mini cheesecakes. They are about three inches in diameter by one and a half inches thick - just big enough for a couple of bites. You can pick it up with one hand, as opposed to having to cut it into slices. Please see photos in the next section.


Several preparation techniques and flavors set the Product apart from the competition. Examples are:

  • grinding my own spices

  • using Belgian white chocolate and a 70% dark chocolate with real butter in the crust

  • organic berries

  • making my crust and carmel sauce from scratch


In addition, varieties of the Product will use some of my esoteric flavors such as Thai ice tea and fresh organic pumpkin with masala chai spices.


My clients will consist of:

  • The Farmers Markets in Hollywood and Pasadena

  • Hair salons in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and other neighborhoods with high income demographics. These salons will purchase my Product and offer it to their clients while they are having their hair treatment. This will help the salons with their marketing effort, but there is a more important aspect: since the salons’ clients arrange most of the entertaining events, they will purchase my Products for those events.

  • Party, graduation, wedding and corporate event planners

  • TV, movie and music studios. The entertainment industry has many events and parties. People tend to want to give a unique gift in this industry. This could also lead to shipping my product to shoots all over the US to celebrate a “wrap.”

  • Real Estate agents. When a house sells, the broker will typically give a “Thank You” basket to their client. I believe my products would make a unique basket and – since I will have my logo and website on it – will generate business for me. Initially, I will generate income from the Real Estate agents and may get income from the “Thank  You” basket recipients.


For hair salons, party, graduation, wedding and corporate event planners I will focus on the following areas:

  • West Hollywood 

  • Beverly Hills

  • Century City

  • Westwood

  • Brentwood

  • Santa Monica

  • Pacific Palisades


These areas are where people have the highest income in a designated area on the west side of Los Angeles. These areas have a lot of high end restaurants and grocery stores as well as specialty food stores which supports my theory that residents have a more  sophisticated palate. Potential clients in these areas will not only appreciate my Product but will also be able to afford it.


A listing of these potential clients was found using the ReferenceUSA database. 


ReferenceUSA is a data base which uses information from the Department of Commerce and lists every business In the USA. For each business, it shows a profile which contains a description of the business, prior year’s gross sales, number of employees, location, a listing of corporate officers and HR manager, contact info (excluding email address) and NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes. I used this data base and was able to cross reference the business to deduce a list of potential clients


I narrowed my search down using this information and found there are well over 500 businesses that fit my criteria in addition to the Farmer’s Markets. ReferenceUSA sells the email addresses for the contact person of each business. A list of 500 email contacts will cost $1000 and is included in the Start Up Costs.

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